The deposit can by paid with a bank Transfer or PayPal

The balance is normally paid at the office in Merzouga at whichever point of the journey you reach it.  If Your Trip Doesn’t Include Merzouga, The Balance can be paid to the driver.

In the office we can take euro, sterling, USD or dirham, but otherwise Moroccan dirham is better everywhere else. And not everywhere in the country is equipped with a credit card machine so it is cash only.


On the short trips, you will require a small amount of cash, unless you indeed to buy souvenirs such as a turban, a rug or fossils. Small amounts will be soft tea/coffee/soft drinks, a few dirhams for the toilet and for tips. It is helpful to have small change?

We recommend abut 100 dirham a day according to satisfaction.


We often give student discounts which are calculated individually and according to the season.  Just ask if we are able to offer you one.


The arrival only transfer is included if you arrive on the start date of the tour or have booked pre-accommodation directly with us for our joining hotel.

Yes, we frequently do. We just need to know exact numbers for the logistics and whether you prefer to take the greater comfort of the 4x4s or to travel all together in a luxury mini-van.


Yes, absolutely and we do this on a very regular basis. Just let us know what precisely you have in mind, so that we can make one or more suggestions until we find what suits you best.

Yes, of course, If we have others with the same destinations on the same dates and they are willing to share.


Yes, there are sockets in the tents and the communal dining area.


If you are spending the night in one of the camps, you do not need to bring a sleeping bag.  If you are trekking you may prefer your own personal, private sleeping bag, though mattresses and blankets are provided.

No, though you will get 3/4G coverage on your mobile phone.


There is no obligation to ride a camel and you will reach the camp in the 4×4.


There is no obligation to ride a camel and you will reach the camp in the 4×4.


When we write to you, we send you a list of the accommodation and camps we work with. These are places where we know that we can rely on the quality and the service. If you have a specific choice, we will try to book there.  But if it is a late booking or high season, the most popular places may be full and we will book you into somewhere similar.


Most certainly. Children love it and at whatever age. We are happy to adjust trips to adapt to younger children if you wish for shorter days of car travel.


No, there is no need. However, do tell the driver to discuss whether you should avoid the off-roads and consult with your doctor at home about the camel ride. But there is still plenty to see and do that will not be affected by a pregnancy.


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